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Intuitive Guidance to Empower Your Life and Nourish Your Soul

The price to speak with Sophia is $3.99 a minute

Sophia Elise is a master psychic and spiritual life coach descended from a very long multi-generational ancestral bloodline. Initially tutored by her Welsh-Romani great-grandmother, she has studied metaphysics, the Tarot, meditative dynamics, ancient religions, philosophy and the mysteries of the universe for over 30 years to enhance her own spiritual growth and psychic development. Sophia has been providing insight and guidance to clients from all over the world for over 20 years, helping them identify and remove blockages and obstacles preventing them from achieving their full potential in life, love, and career as well as fulfilling the desires of the heart. In addition to her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathy, intuition and remote viewing, Sophia has mastered The Tarot and will often use a combination of Tarot and Astrology during your reading. She is also a medical intuitive, master herbalist, certified Reiki Master and Silva Mind Control graduate, able to locate energy blockages that lead to dis-ease within the physical body.

As a 5-Star relationship expert, Sophia will tell you where your relationship is headed or whether not your significant other is returning. She will also guide you on steps you can take to make sure your relationship fulfills your expectations. Sophia can help get your relationship on track so you can create and maintain the relationship you desire and deserve. Your emotions can cloud your judgment and when you are dealing with matters of the heart you may not be at the top of your game. Before you make a mistake that could possibly make your situation worse, give her a call. She can assess your situation and give you the guidance necessary to get the outcome you desire.

Sometimes the answers may not be what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear to put you in the direction necessary for the greatest evolution of your soul. Sophia is here to guide you along your path to find balance in your spiritual, personal and professional life as well as attain peace of mind and the right direction for your future happiness.

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The price to speak with Sophia is $3.99 a minute

 You were born with potential
You were born with goodness and trust
You were born with ideals and dreams
You were born with greatness
You were born with wings
You are not meant for crawling, so don't
You have wings
Learn to use them and fly!

“For within Her is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique, diverse, clever, active, incisive, pure, clear, invulnerable, benevolent, sharp, irresistible, kind, loving, steadfast, dependable, serene, powerful, astute, penetrating and most subtle; ... so pure She pervades and permeates all things.  She is the breath of God, the reflection of God’s glory.”       Wisdom 7:22-2


All clients are ultimately responsible for their own decisions, choices and actions. We can provide guidance to help you on your journey but you have free will to make the most of your situation. By purchasing a reading with The Circle of Goddesses you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree with the above disclaimer.   Any prediction or other message that you receive is not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional. The information and advice given on and through the readings you receive is to be treated purely for your entertainment purposes only.

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